Raspberry Pi Colocation

Colocate a Pi for only $9/mo.

In Just a Few Simple Steps:


Use the order links below, or email us at sales@endoffice.com. We will invoice via Paypal and provide your IP address in advance. Also email about any add-ons.

Add IP

Ship your pre-configured Pi to our address below and send us tracking info.


Within 12-48 Hours, your Pi will be online!




$69 + $9/mo

Below are some basics. Many more answers can be found here: FAQ PAGE

Can I add more IP addresses?

IP space is available in blocks of 5 addresses. Each block of 5 addresses is just $7. (Yes, these are indeed public IPv4 addresses--the same type that Comcast sells for $20/mo each!)

What upgrades do you offer?

You may wish to attach an independently-powered external USB drive for +$9, or a small firewall appliance for +$15. We will gladly accommodate custom configurations, including Pi clusters and private networks between multiple units--please email us for a quote. Note: you can attach low-profile USB flash (e.g., SanDisk Cruzer Fit) for no added cost.

How do I ship my Pi?

After you have received your IP address assignment and configured your Pi, wrap it in bubble wrap or equivalent protective material and ship it to our Boston address listed below. You should add a delivery confirmation option and email us the tracking number. Should you ever need your Pi shipped back, we will get it out promptly for $19 (including shipping). We can also swap out and/or return the SD flash for $14.

Can I place my Pi in a case?

Yes! We highly encourage the use of protective cases. No specific dimensions are necessary.

What payment options do you have?

2Checkout is a credit card payment method we use for recurring subscriptions and available through the order links above. We can also invoice through Paypal, either at the beginning of each term, or on a subscription (autopay) basis--whichever you prefer. We also accept checks and, soon, Bitcoin.

How can I cancel my service?

If you are unsatisfied with the service for any reason within the first 30 days, we will refund the order in full and ship your Pi promptly back at our expense.

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